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Scooter Sales in Las Vegas, Nevada

At DRC Scooters in Las Vegas, Nevada, we specialize in high-quality scooter sales, as well as dirt bikes, and quads, available in a variety of colors and styles. We carry 50 cc scooters, as well as Reketa®, JMSTAR®, and other durable bikes for a reliable and enjoyable ride.
Scooter, Scooter Sales in Las Vegas, NV

Scooter for Savings
If you are in the market for a quality scooter, look no further! If you are like the rest of us, you're probably tired of putting all your money in the gas tank. Well, this will certainly change when you purchase your first scooter. Unlike cars, scooters average around 80 miles to the gallon, so you can fill it up, take off, and put the extra money in your pocket!

About Us
With a lifetime of experience in the motorsport industry, we know bikes. From motorsports and racing to dirt biking, we understand the difference between standard and quality, and we have a great deal of experience in scooter repair and maintenance to maximize your bike's performance.



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